Monday, February 18, 2019

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Free Uber Rides in San Diego

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Looking for FREE Uber rides in San Diego? Donahue Schriber, owner of the Highlands shopping center, has contracted with Uber to pay for customers’ travel to and from the center, up to $25 each way, for the next nine months or until a total spend of $100,000 is reached. Unlimited free rides. No catch. And, better still, no promo code or manual labor required.   “Any trip that begins or ends at the shopping center will be free up to $25,” said Christopher Ballard, general manager of Uber in San Diego.

uber-san-diego-mapIt’s just the second partnership of its kind in the U.S. for the rideshare company, which has been operating its electronic-hail transportation service nationally for more than five years, and has been available in San Diego for three years.    To manage the freebies, Uber developed technology to identify rides that start or finish at the shopping center. The company automatically applies the $25 discount to customer fares when rides are completed. That means mall-goers need only request an Uber ride — all vehicle types including SUVs and black cars are supported — as they typically would.

“It all happens, automatically, behind the scenes,” said Elizabeth Schreiber, vice president of operations and development for Donahue Schriber.  Donahue Schriber operates 66 shopping centers in the western portion of the U.S., with the Del Mar Highlands Town Center serving as the flagship venue for the company. “We get to be the most creative with this one,” Schreiber said.

The open-air center, which first opened in 1989, hosts 80 tenants including a variety of entertainment, food and clothing venues, as well as grocery and drug stores. Its more well-known tenants include the luxury movie theater Cinepolis, farm-to-plate eatery Urban Plates, natural foods grocer Jimbo’s and upscale restaurant Searsucker.   The center counts 1,700 parking stalls, which is more than the city requires but less than demand can support during peak times, such as lunch time, on the weekends — or on Fridays, if you’re Village Mill. On Fridays, the bakery deals with an overflow of challah orders as customers pick up the special Jewish braided bread ahead of the Sabbath. They complain about the parking in the process. And they’re not the only ones.

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